Mallemoeder heeft nog nimmer een spook gezien! Is zij de enige?

Benjamin Radford
If you want to learn about the real science, the real deal, here it is. This article is adapted from Chapter 4 in my book Scientific paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries. I am making this material available for free to anyone who wants it, and it may be re-distributed in any form as long as proper credit is given. Do I hope you’ll buy, or at least check out, my book? Sure I do. I spent years researching and writing it, and it’s a damn good book with great reviews. But even if you don’t, I want to help educate the ghost investigation community about what real science is, and how to do good research.
Mallemoeder gaat natuurlijk een handje toesteken. Te beginnen met: De vijf grootste fouten…

En hier nog wat ‘monsters onder het bed’ voor volwassenen…


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